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orange mama
There was very little concern with life after death which was universally important in other civilizations. In this varied, dynamic, secular and remarkably free context there arose for the first time a speculative, natural philosophy based on observation and reason, the root of natural modern science and philosophy free to investigate or to ignore divinity.

What most sets the Greeks apart is their view of the world. The Greek way of looking at things requires a change from the characteristic way of knowing things before the Greeks, that is to say, the use of faith, poetry, and intuition, and instead increasingly the Greeks focused on the reliance on reason. Reason permits a continuing rational inquiry into the nature of reality.

From the time they formed their republics until they were conquered by alien empires the Greeks also rejected monarchy of any kind. They thought that a human being functioning in his full capacity must live as a free man in autonomous polis ruled by laws that were the product of political community and not of an arbitrary fiat from some man or god.

Ancient Greek History with Donald Kagan. Yale

orange mama
Сколько человека ни просвещай, он все в пещеру смотрит.
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